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Wild Unknown

Running on the tidal waves of the Atlantic

Faces set against the wind

Racing on the water towards a desert island

I live to follow you

We soar above a valley made of shooting stars

Catch our breath on Everest

Flying higher up against the sun, we breathe in

I live to follow you

I live, I I live, I

Step into the middle of raging storm

Waltzing with a hurricane

Clapping with the thunder like a choir singing

“I live to follow you”

Writing with the nib of the Eiffel tower

Stories from the throne room of heaven

Where you go, I go, you know, I won’t resist

I live to follow you

I live, I breathe, exist, restless to follow you

You promise me this, I trust in your kindness, to see me through

I’ll let you lead me

To the wild unknown

Cuz you’ll never leave me

There on my own


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